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All That Glitters…

This Christmas make your home the envy of your peers by trying my ‘Gold Renaissance’ theme for 2010.

Give your home the golden touch this festive season. Opulent and indulgent, gold is not only a superb colour to introduce into the decoration of your home over the festive season, but it is also unashamedly en vogue.  From gleaming to burnished, gold is an elegant and timeless addition to any room, be it in the form of metallic feature wallpaper, decorative lighting, upholstery, furniture or accessories. Using gold accessories is a quick way to dress up a plain piece of furniture or achieve a subtle look and the sparkle of gold can be used to create a sense of drama in sophisticated dinner table settings.  Also, accessories in black, white or festive colours help to enhance gold’s qualities without allowing it to dominate.

The finished result is all about creating a hint of glamour with easy luxe… So it’s time to glam up your home for Christmas as the new golden age has arrived.

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