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How to present your house for sale – Designer’s Top Tips…

Thinking of putting your house on the market?  Well make sure it is presented at its best!

In this current climate it is best to think out of the box in order to sell property.  Any house for sale must be the best presented house on the street and there are simple  ways to achieve this.  Many houses struggling to find a buyer are great looking homes in good locations, but they have been let down by poor decorating and interior presentation. Making rooms look bigger, brighter and more attractive to a buyer is easy to achieve and every house has the potential to be a beautiful home, it’s just knowing where to start that is the problem.

So where should you start when preparing your house to sell?

1) Declutter and Simplify – clutter should be dealt with and stored away out of sight if possible. This will help to maximise on space, create a tidier appearance and help to depersonalise the home.

 2) Neutral Colour Scheme – try to avoid bright colours by keeping to a neutral colour pallet, especially for walls, floors and curtains.  Bright colours are fine for small decorative detail such as scatter cushions and general accessories but should be kept to a minimum.

3) Kitchen Facelift – if your kitchen is dated, simple improvements can make all the difference, such as painting kitchen units, replacing door handles, redecoration, adding new blinds and artwork and keeping items on the countertops to a minimum.

Murray Hurst Interiors offer a ‘Dress to Sell’ service, helping clients make the most of their home ready for sale.  For further information contact Murray Hurst Interiors, Leeds:

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