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Summer Fabrics

Designer’s Tip for Summer: why not change your soft furnishings as you would your winter/summer wardrobe! Changing your scatter cushions, throws and even curtains to lighter fabrics for the summer months will help give your home a calm, cool and relaxed look and feel.  Investing in key pieces in neutral tones, such as sofas, armchairs and headboards will then allow you to adapt your soft furnishings to create a warm, cosy and homely feel in the winter with fabrics such as velvet, chenille and wool and a light, fresh and airy feel in the summer with fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk.  Some inspiration for summer feel fabrics:

One response

  1. Steffi DUNCAN

    What a great idea! I think I shall take that into consideration!

    June 28, 2011 at 1:40 pm

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