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Photo Shoot Chic

You must have noticed by now that the ‘Dilapidated house with peeling paintwork look’ (catchy, I know) is proving to be the most popular back drop for photo shoots from high end fashion through to advertising carpets, some of us are even sporting the look on our nails!  But here at Murray Hurst Interiors we think it’s about time we started bringing this look into our homes instead of leaving it in the magazines. So we have collated a range of products that can help you achieve this look for your self, albeit a slightly more structured version.



These bold runners are from Alternative flooring and look great against the exposed stairs, who’d have thought it!

Its easy enough to achieve the industrial style look in a converted warehouse apartment but what about those of us that don’t have brick walls to expose and are having to work with internal plasterboard? Well with some of the new wallpapers on the market  we can achieve the look with less of the mess.



Crackle ‘Peeling plaster’ wallpaper from Andrew Martin comes in four different colourways. Seen here with outdoorsy statues and a shabby, possibly hessian, tapestry style sofa.  If this look is a little too shabby for you then how about teaming it with painted wooden paneling and some oversized curtains to create a more homely feel.


Be it an artists studio or a studio apartment this paper would look great (yes it is a wallpaper!). This is a really effective way of achieving the industrial look whilst maintaining a sense of warmth. Team up with some stainless steel lamps and some retro filing cabinets and you’re there.


If it’s a fresher feel you’re after then perhaps you would prefer this White Timber effect paper.


This effect would also look great in a seaside inspired scheme combined with some pale linen fabrics,  but be sure to bring in plenty of texture too with a big rug.


ImageSticking with the same style but with a touch more nature as apposed to the industrial look, this wallpaper is a favourite of ours here at Murray Hurst Interiors.  Its vertical embossed finish gives an almost 3D effect and it is available in 6 natural colourways giving the impression of tree bark. Here’s hoping we get the right project for it soon!


This fabric-backed vinyl ‘distressed’ from Tektura can be stretched to fit any sized wall and looks amazing in this double height apartment. The exposed wooden beams and floor to ceiling windows compliment the winter forest effect just perfectly, truly bringing the outdoors in.

A worn leather sofa or chair can look really great against exposed brick, wood or stone, either in your home or in a dimly lit industrial chic style bar, try a worn Chesterfield.



Keeping the furniture and artwork all close together and low to the floor keeps the room cosy against the contrast of the high ceilings and windows.

The next two images show dappled wash paint work, instead of having exposed plaster, brick or stone, giving the same effect just keeping it a bit more homely. Image

ImageSo, isn’t it refreshing for a residential Interior Designer the support the ‘not so perfect’ finish?!   This is a style you can really relax with and enjoy, so don’t hold back, it’s time to go ‘photo shoot chic’!

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