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The role of an Interior Designer

Ever wondered how the role of an Interior Designer is defined?…

From taking the client’s brief and developing designs to overseeing a project right through to the installation of furniture, artworks and accessories, the role of the interior designer is multifaceted.  Let’s look at the role in more detail…

A professional Interior Designer is qualified by education, experience, and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces.  For the purpose of improving the quality of life, increasing productivity, and protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public, the professional Interior Designer combines efficiency, flexibility, creativity and good business skills with an ability to complete projects on time and in budget and will generally perform the following:

– integrate findings with knowledge of interior design
– formulate preliminary design concepts that are appropriate, functional and aesthetic
– develop and present final design recommendations through appropriate presentation media
– prepare working drawings and specifications for non-load-bearing interior construction, materials, finishes, space planning, furnishings, fixtures and equipment
– collaborate with professional  services of other licensed practitioners in technical areas of mechanical, electrical, and load-bearing design as required for regulatory approval
– prepare and administer bids and contract documents as the client’s agent
– review and evaluate design solutions during implementation and upon completion.

If you are considering engaging the services of an Interior Designer for your project, what is certain is they will save you time, stress and costly mistakes.  For help with your project contact Murray Hurst Interiors: 0113 243 6767  Email.



Trim it up…

Never underestimate the effectiveness of interior trimmings in pulling together a scheme, adding the all important finishing touches.  Trimmings in the form of borders, braids, rope and cord can be added to scatter cushions, curtains, blinds and furniture to highlight accent colours, introduce new texture and add interest to plain fabrics and finishes.  See this selection of just a handful of trimmings and tiebacks available to purchase from Murray Hurst Interiors.

A contemporary collection, emphazing pure design elements such as metal and modern colours for Alium tieback, dyed wood for Amazone tieback, carved wood for Eolia, and silver plate incorporating natural look pastel wiremesh strands for Lucia. Three leather tiebacks and three others combining wood and metal create effects to achieve a contemporary look and feel, associated with braids, fringes and piping cord.
A selection of contemporary designs available in four natural linen colours: white, natural, brown and black. Cord and braided tieback blend originality and natural look. Other tassel tiebacks focus on material purity and woven leather effects. Waxed cotton details bring to this collection a distinctly modern feel.
A trimmings collection at once feminine and sophisticated, designed as an inventive line of fashion accessories. Each model is composed of a set of satiny beads and rings, put together like necklaces, pendants or wide belts, making original and spectacular tiebacks. It exists in 15 trendy colours: from orange to ochre, from anise to chocolate, from violet to black, from pink to burgundy… the tones creating a bicoloured harmony with a truly striking effect.
This collection of contemporary and stylised trimmings collection adorned with transparent, black and amber glass beads. The “Art Deco” style used in tie-backs and trimmings, gives to this collection a true identity and sense of style, with a subtle two-tone slant, presented in a range of 12 soft colours.
This is a new complete collection of matt trimmings in Trevira CS, sober and contemporary, available in a range of 12 colours.
Les ombrés, one of the two ranges of the trimmings collection OUTDOOR-INDOOR, are made of viscose yarns that can be washed with soft soap at temperatures up to 60°C.
In addition, the braids of this range also benefit a repellent treatment, that offers a better resistance to dirt and water.


Design Tip – Playful Prints

Don’t be fooled in thinking painting a small room a light colour is the answer to making it feel bigger. Opt for colour and print to distract from its dimensions and create a theme. In particular a Cloakroom/ WC  is an ideal room to be creative and playful. So push yourself out of your comfort zone and have some fun with colour and print.  See our selection of favourite designs…


Image Image Image Imagen

Colour Watch – Aubergine

This weeks colour watch… Aubergine.

One of our favourite colours to work with currently at Murray Hurst interiors is the complex and brooding colour – Aubergine.You may think it seems like a deep, rich choice, but when mixed with complementary colours such as yellow tones, particularly the warm tones of ochre and also sharp lime green, it can create a beautifully striking scheme. Aubergine, like its lighter cousin purple, can introduce a regal element to a room and when teamed with metal finishes such as copper, chrome and gold it oozes sophistication and luxury. This colour has signified wealth, power and opulence since at least the time of the Roman Republic, so lets keep the power of aubergine evolving in our designs and indulge ourselves in aubergines rich tones!


Colour Watch – Coral

Over the next few weeks keep an eye out for our colour watch posts… From inspiring natural imagery to stylish interior spaces.

Imagery such as these are known as ‘concept images’ which convey and idea, mood and atmosphere which is the creative part of the design process. These images are then used to develop possible decorative and practical schemes. Even as an interior designer, it is important to feed your imagination with visual stimulation and reference solutions from concept images to develop ideas.

See our selection of concept image examples and how these can be used to develop finished interior schemes.



Beautiful Bedrooms – which one would you like to wake up in?

We have been searching for our favourite bedroom designs, focusing on the key elements we believe are most important in creating the perfect bedroom hideaway and have sourced these beautiful boudoirs to illustrate these.   Over sized headboards, plush textured fabrics and striking feature walls are just a few key areas to consider when designing for that all important ‘hotel finish’.  But what we would like to know here at Murray Hurst Interiors is… which of our favourites is your favourite?  Which of these beautiful bedrooms would you like to wake up in?

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Padded full wall headboard with luxurious throw and scatters create a heavenly boudoir here.


This beautifully designed four poster positioned central to the room creates a grand master suite.


A simple palette of neutral greys create a calming scheme with character beams defining the space.


For a more traditional feel this beautiful french inspired bedroom adds a feminine touch.


Luxurious fabrics and statement pieces teamed with glamorous finishes create an opulent, sophisticated scheme.


Bold pattern and a fresh burst of colour create a fun, welcoming feel in this contemporary scheme.


A dark feature wall teamed with mirrored finishes displays a dramatic scheme in this spacious bedroom.


A mirrored feature wall and fresh accent colours create a bright, happy room.


Luxurious fabrics teamed with statement over sized pieces create an opulent, impressive scheme.


The drama of this black four poster with additional black finishes creates a bold, statement bedroom.


Our new find this month is ‘CASAMANCE’ a fabric and wallcovering supplier from France that has that certain “je ne sais quoi” (couldn’t resist!)

Providing us with superbly diverse ranges, modernising traditional designs, enough to wow everyone, no matter what your style!



One of our favourite collections here at Murray Hurst Interiors is Horizons – discovered today upon our rummaging. The collection is a modern take on traditional African fabrics, combining a woven effect with some glitzy colours.

Our top spot: Horizons Ikat Beige (above left) – A spot that even had me reconsidering plans for my own home.



A lively and contemporary range that draws on Parisian elegance. This collection provides a combination of florals, dog tooth and geometric designs using neutrals, metallics and vibrant colours throughout.



A sumptuous collection of plush velvets in a range of fun patterns and bold colours. We would not suggest you use these in a large quantity but they are great for creating a statement piece and adding a little punch to your designs.

With such a huge array of wallpapers and fabrics to choose from, from beige to bold, floral to geometric, dogtooth, metallics, sheers, stripes, it really would be difficult to not find something you love!

CASAMANCE definitely gets a big thumbs up from us and we look forward to using their designs in future projects.

Photo Shoot Chic

You must have noticed by now that the ‘Dilapidated house with peeling paintwork look’ (catchy, I know) is proving to be the most popular back drop for photo shoots from high end fashion through to advertising carpets, some of us are even sporting the look on our nails!  But here at Murray Hurst Interiors we think it’s about time we started bringing this look into our homes instead of leaving it in the magazines. So we have collated a range of products that can help you achieve this look for your self, albeit a slightly more structured version.



These bold runners are from Alternative flooring and look great against the exposed stairs, who’d have thought it!

Its easy enough to achieve the industrial style look in a converted warehouse apartment but what about those of us that don’t have brick walls to expose and are having to work with internal plasterboard? Well with some of the new wallpapers on the market  we can achieve the look with less of the mess.



Crackle ‘Peeling plaster’ wallpaper from Andrew Martin comes in four different colourways. Seen here with outdoorsy statues and a shabby, possibly hessian, tapestry style sofa.  If this look is a little too shabby for you then how about teaming it with painted wooden paneling and some oversized curtains to create a more homely feel.


Be it an artists studio or a studio apartment this paper would look great (yes it is a wallpaper!). This is a really effective way of achieving the industrial look whilst maintaining a sense of warmth. Team up with some stainless steel lamps and some retro filing cabinets and you’re there.


If it’s a fresher feel you’re after then perhaps you would prefer this White Timber effect paper.


This effect would also look great in a seaside inspired scheme combined with some pale linen fabrics,  but be sure to bring in plenty of texture too with a big rug.


ImageSticking with the same style but with a touch more nature as apposed to the industrial look, this wallpaper is a favourite of ours here at Murray Hurst Interiors.  Its vertical embossed finish gives an almost 3D effect and it is available in 6 natural colourways giving the impression of tree bark. Here’s hoping we get the right project for it soon!


This fabric-backed vinyl ‘distressed’ from Tektura can be stretched to fit any sized wall and looks amazing in this double height apartment. The exposed wooden beams and floor to ceiling windows compliment the winter forest effect just perfectly, truly bringing the outdoors in.

A worn leather sofa or chair can look really great against exposed brick, wood or stone, either in your home or in a dimly lit industrial chic style bar, try a worn Chesterfield.



Keeping the furniture and artwork all close together and low to the floor keeps the room cosy against the contrast of the high ceilings and windows.

The next two images show dappled wash paint work, instead of having exposed plaster, brick or stone, giving the same effect just keeping it a bit more homely. Image

ImageSo, isn’t it refreshing for a residential Interior Designer the support the ‘not so perfect’ finish?!   This is a style you can really relax with and enjoy, so don’t hold back, it’s time to go ‘photo shoot chic’!

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Northside Magazine Feature – August 2012

See my ‘Top Interior Tips’ featured in this month’s Northside Magazine – page 20&21, along with a feature about my company – Murray Hurst Interiors, the level of service we provide and some project examples. Wording as below:

“I believe in offering a truly personal service, because designing a home is a journey,” explained acclaimed local interior designer Natalie Murray-Hurst in the stylish surroundings of the Hotel du Vin, Harrogate. “The journey continues as your children grow up and your lifestyle changes, and as a designer it’s great to be able to share those experiences and help clients accommodate their home accordingly.”

Natalie’s passion for interior design has taken her on a journey across the country. Having grown up in Leeds, Natalie moved to London to study at the prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea in 2007. After graduating, she worked for two award-winning designers in London, learning the ins and outs of the industry at the highest end. Then Natalie moved back to her Yorkshire roots to set up her own business, working predominantly on projects in the Golden Triangle of Leeds, York and Harrogate.

“Working in London gave me the chance to design at the highest level possible and it was here I acquired a keen eye for detail, learning that to achieve harmonious designs every aspect of the room should be considered.”

Back in the region where she first developed a love of interior design, Natalie explained how working here allows her to get involved in a variety of different projects.

“For example, at the moment I’m working on a contemporary duplex apartment in Leeds, but also a Grade II listed building in Ilkley. I believe that when designing a room and choosing furnishings it is important to be sensitive to the building’s heritage as well as the client’s wishes.”

While hiring an interior designer to renovate your home may sound like an extravagant move, in reality it can actually be an extremely practical decision – and one that can save on costly mistakes.

“Hiring an interior designer completely takes the stress away from the home owner,” said Natalie. “A recurring point in my client feedback is that the service is completely fuss free – we coordinate and manage all the trades and suppliers so the client doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

“Designers are used to sourcing difficult fabrics, materials and furnishings, both nationally and internationally – it is part of our job. So, what may seem like an impossible task is much easier for a designer, as they already have the resources.”

While hiring an interior designer may seem glamorous, that does not necessarily mean sky-high costs.

“I think the problem is that some people assume a designer will impose their own views on a home and this can get costly, but this couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Natalie.

“I believe in listening to clients and giving them a truly personal service, working closely with them to achieve their ideal room or home.”

More recently, Natalie has begun to work on projects in the Wharfe Valley in collaboration with her husband – Lester Hurst – owner of Hunters Estate Agency in Ilkley, advising buyers and sellers on how best to present their properties.

As Murray Hurst Interiors continues to grow as a business, the next few years look set to see more homes transformed for proud homeowners across Yorkshire.

A room with a view in Roundhay

One example of Natalie’s dedication to working closely with a client to fulfil their brief is a recent project in Roundhay. Having pitched against other designers, Natalie took on the challenge of creating a multi-functional, formal yet comfortable living space.

Natalie subtly incorporated a projector screen into the design of the room so that it could act as both a cinema room and a stylish living space.

In this room discreet lighting techniques were used to light a series of shelves, creating a calming and serene mood for evenings spent in the room.

While the room fulfils its cinema room purpose effectively, this was by no means its primary function, with tasteful and elegant décor making the room as appealing as a sitting room as it is cinema area.

“Natalie was charming and professional – she listened to our ideas, developed and added to them introducing colours and ideas we would have never thought of or were not brave enough to use ourselves,” said Mr Keller, owner of the property. “She delivered a fantastic end result without fuss, co-ordinating decorators, electricians and soft furnishers, all within our budget. We are more than happy with the finished result.”

Natalie’s top interior tips

Get the lighting right  

“Lighting is an integral part of interior design as it can dramatically effect the perception of any room. Layering a variety of different light sources is the best way to create effective lighting within a room. If you were to make just one change to the lighting in your home, replace your light switches with dimmers.”

Choose your colours wisely

“Selecting a colour pallet for your home can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Take inspiration from colours that appeal to you in everyday life, for example colours you enjoy wearing, and use this as a starting point on which to build your scheme.”

Create some texture

“Using different textures can make a room appear more comfortable and offers a great alternative to a patterned wall. Using textures such as linen or grasscloth to cover your walls creates an extremely calming effect and can provide a comfortable yet luxurious feel.”


To view the magazine online go to page 20/21:


Talking Turquoise

With this dreadful grey weather surrounding us it’s time to talk colour and lift our spirits by admiring a touch of turquoise!  At Murray Hurst Interiors we have decided to kick start the year with some appreciation for the effects bright colours can have on us and the impact they can have on an interior scheme.  We’ll be looking at various colours over the coming months and selecting interior images that present these colours superbly.  So let’s talk turquoise!… Like the mineral, turquoise shades range from almost sky blue to deep greenish blues.  You can create feminine appeal with the lighter shades of turquoise whereas the darker teal shades have a somewhat more masculine feel.


Turquoise is a calming shade that is said to aid in concentration. It’s a clean fresh-looking shade that works as well in a living room as in a playroom, however we think it works beautifully in any room in the house if used correctly.  See some of our favourite examples…