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Winter Style

Be inspired by these fabulous winter style interior decor boards…Image







AW13 Cushion Collection

Cushion Collection – Autumn/Winter 2013 – Available from Murray Hurst Interiors

Beautiful country style cute and quirky feature cushions, drawn and painted by artists specialising in watercolour and manufactured in the UK, using fabric of natural fibres such as cotton, linen and wool.

Dare we mention they would make great Christmas presents?!

All available from Murray Hurst Interiors. Please email for more details and how to order.


Gregor Linen


Galloping Horses




Mr Wooley


Deer Couple




Mr Carp


Pheasant Patch Pillow


Ring Neck Pheasant 1


Seascape Velvet


Heather Glen


Nutcracker Linen

 All available from Murray Hurst Interiors. Please email for more details and how to order.

Northside Magazine Feature – August 2012

See my ‘Top Interior Tips’ featured in this month’s Northside Magazine – page 20&21, along with a feature about my company – Murray Hurst Interiors, the level of service we provide and some project examples. Wording as below:

“I believe in offering a truly personal service, because designing a home is a journey,” explained acclaimed local interior designer Natalie Murray-Hurst in the stylish surroundings of the Hotel du Vin, Harrogate. “The journey continues as your children grow up and your lifestyle changes, and as a designer it’s great to be able to share those experiences and help clients accommodate their home accordingly.”

Natalie’s passion for interior design has taken her on a journey across the country. Having grown up in Leeds, Natalie moved to London to study at the prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea in 2007. After graduating, she worked for two award-winning designers in London, learning the ins and outs of the industry at the highest end. Then Natalie moved back to her Yorkshire roots to set up her own business, working predominantly on projects in the Golden Triangle of Leeds, York and Harrogate.

“Working in London gave me the chance to design at the highest level possible and it was here I acquired a keen eye for detail, learning that to achieve harmonious designs every aspect of the room should be considered.”

Back in the region where she first developed a love of interior design, Natalie explained how working here allows her to get involved in a variety of different projects.

“For example, at the moment I’m working on a contemporary duplex apartment in Leeds, but also a Grade II listed building in Ilkley. I believe that when designing a room and choosing furnishings it is important to be sensitive to the building’s heritage as well as the client’s wishes.”

While hiring an interior designer to renovate your home may sound like an extravagant move, in reality it can actually be an extremely practical decision – and one that can save on costly mistakes.

“Hiring an interior designer completely takes the stress away from the home owner,” said Natalie. “A recurring point in my client feedback is that the service is completely fuss free – we coordinate and manage all the trades and suppliers so the client doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

“Designers are used to sourcing difficult fabrics, materials and furnishings, both nationally and internationally – it is part of our job. So, what may seem like an impossible task is much easier for a designer, as they already have the resources.”

While hiring an interior designer may seem glamorous, that does not necessarily mean sky-high costs.

“I think the problem is that some people assume a designer will impose their own views on a home and this can get costly, but this couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Natalie.

“I believe in listening to clients and giving them a truly personal service, working closely with them to achieve their ideal room or home.”

More recently, Natalie has begun to work on projects in the Wharfe Valley in collaboration with her husband – Lester Hurst – owner of Hunters Estate Agency in Ilkley, advising buyers and sellers on how best to present their properties.

As Murray Hurst Interiors continues to grow as a business, the next few years look set to see more homes transformed for proud homeowners across Yorkshire.

A room with a view in Roundhay

One example of Natalie’s dedication to working closely with a client to fulfil their brief is a recent project in Roundhay. Having pitched against other designers, Natalie took on the challenge of creating a multi-functional, formal yet comfortable living space.

Natalie subtly incorporated a projector screen into the design of the room so that it could act as both a cinema room and a stylish living space.

In this room discreet lighting techniques were used to light a series of shelves, creating a calming and serene mood for evenings spent in the room.

While the room fulfils its cinema room purpose effectively, this was by no means its primary function, with tasteful and elegant décor making the room as appealing as a sitting room as it is cinema area.

“Natalie was charming and professional – she listened to our ideas, developed and added to them introducing colours and ideas we would have never thought of or were not brave enough to use ourselves,” said Mr Keller, owner of the property. “She delivered a fantastic end result without fuss, co-ordinating decorators, electricians and soft furnishers, all within our budget. We are more than happy with the finished result.”

Natalie’s top interior tips

Get the lighting right  

“Lighting is an integral part of interior design as it can dramatically effect the perception of any room. Layering a variety of different light sources is the best way to create effective lighting within a room. If you were to make just one change to the lighting in your home, replace your light switches with dimmers.”

Choose your colours wisely

“Selecting a colour pallet for your home can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Take inspiration from colours that appeal to you in everyday life, for example colours you enjoy wearing, and use this as a starting point on which to build your scheme.”

Create some texture

“Using different textures can make a room appear more comfortable and offers a great alternative to a patterned wall. Using textures such as linen or grasscloth to cover your walls creates an extremely calming effect and can provide a comfortable yet luxurious feel.”


To view the magazine online go to page 20/21:


Going Geometric

I have been a fan of geometric patterns in interior design for a long time now, usually just a sprinkling with scatter cushions though or the odd upholstered chair but I think it’s time to look at spreading geometrics to larger aspects of a scheme as recently I seem to have come across some really fantastic geometric designs that really need to be seen!

Of course it’s nothing new… geometric design dates back to Ancient Greece, the mysterious mathematics of geometry made it one of the most studied  sciences but what we’re interested in at Murray Hurst Interiors is the aesthetic and the effects that can be created in an interior scheme.

Whether it’s wallpaper, fabric, tiles or flooring, when using a bold geometric pattern it is important to play with scale and proportion in the scheme and consider the right pieces to compliment the pattern.  For example, strong angular furniture in a block tonal colour can help to ground the look.

When using geometric wallpapers try reflecting the pattern in the use of accessories, for example, mirrors, lamp bases or furniture pieces.   So here are some examples of how you might like to consider bringing a geometric statement into your home…








Birmingham Hawk Eye

So I have just returned from the annual Interiors UK 2012 which is held every year at the Birmingham NEC.  I have entitled this post ‘Birmingham Hawk Eye’ because you have to have eyes of a hawk at such exhibitions!  There are always so many products to see across so many different styles from a whole host of national and international suppliers that it’s important to ensure you pick out the cream of the crop whilst you’re there!

Anyway, here are some of my favourite finds, which I would class as the cream from this years show, all of which are available to purchase through Murray Hurst Interiors

I have added some product comments on the MURRAY HURST INTERIORS facebook page – please visit to have a read..


Let there be light…

Lighting can dramatically effect the perception of any room and therefore should be a key element in the design process. Not only can it affect the brightness of a room but can also have an effect on the wall colourings, cast shadows that will make the room appear smaller and have impact on the presentation of artwork.
I assume that the majority will know the importance of natural light when it comes to your health and the likes of work ethic and productivity and so all I will say on this matter is create as much of it as possible!

There are various categories of lighting and 1000’s to choose from within that, so here are some pointers to help you know where to begin.  First of all, what effect are you trying to achieve? What is its function?





Provide overall, general lighting. When choosing the general light source for your room ensure you chose a style that fits in with the exiting decor, you want the lighting to compliment the room, not be the centre of attention. A general light should fill the room with a glow of light and soften shadows.

TASK lighting

Task lighting is all about practicality. Task lighting allows us to fulfill a specific function or activity efficiently and safely, for example reading or cooking, the latter one I find of great importance and the best way to provide task lighting for cooking is to have under cupboard lighting, this way the light source is located between your head and the object you are focusing on, ensuring there are no shadows, maintaining safety at all times, this should ideally be the case for all task lighting. Recessed, track lighting and lamps are the most common types of task lighting.

ACCENT lighting

If you are looking to highlight an item within your room, i.e. Artwork or an architectural detail, then accent lighting is what you need to look for. The focus should always be on illumination and not on the light source itself. In order to be effective, accent lighting needs to be at least 3 times brighter that the general lighting around it.


Most lighting can be decorative as well as functional, however there is some lighting specifically designed to add beauty or interest to a space. Lighting such as chandeliers and light sculptures can often give the illusion of lighting a room, as they are the most dramatic feature; however, more often than not it will be the accent, task and ambient lighting providing the general illumination. If any one decorative light source were to provide the main illumination for a room it would become the centre of attention and dominate the interior scheme.

MOOD Lighting

Lighting can often have an effect on peoples moods without them realising so you need to consider what sort of mood you want to encourage within the room in question. Bright lights are upbeat and stimulating, whereas low lights have a more cosy, intimate feel.  It is possible to achieve both these effects in the same room (not at the same time) with the use of both a general light source and decorative lighting such as lamps.  Dimmer switches are also a good way of achieving this.

The harmony of the lighting is very important, chances are you may need lighting from each category; make sure to buy lights that compliment each other.  More often than not lighting manufacturers will sell a style of lighting with pieces from each category; this is an easy way to ensure your lighting matches.

Harmony is further enhanced by lighting fixtures with designs that match the room’s mood and function and are varied enough in size, texture and intensity to add interest.

There is no right or wrong way to light your home, but ensure you plan it carefully to get the best results!

I’ve put together a selection of lighting schemes from some of my favourite lighting manufacturers to give you a feel for the sort of styles that work well together.  For details on any of these designs contact Murray Hurst Interiors:

Loft Apartment Refurb… DONE!

Project: Loft Apartment in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Client: Young Professional Couple

Brief: To redesign the open plan living space to include new kitchen, new flooring, furniture and soft furnishings.  Contemporary style with clean lines and bold use of colour.

Client Testimonial:

“Many thanks for a fantastic job on our living space. We were delighted to work with someone that listened to our requirements, but also who challenged us to open our minds to new ideas.  We’re delighted with the result, and have a little smile every time we walk into the room.  Natalie provided one of the rare things in business; a project delivered to requirements, on time and on budget.  We will never know if it was a difficult or easy project; just what we wanted as busy people.”


Mend and Make Do… tips for revamping your furniture

‘Upcycling’ is the eco-friendly trend that breathes new life into old and worn-out furniture.

Whether it’s a simple lick of paint, reupholstery or adding decorative trims and details, not only is it fun but it’s much more cost effective than replacing for new!

Why not glam up your existing chairs with some studding detail – be inspired by these examples in a silver elaborate design, simple border line in gold and a daring orange with matching orange legs!  A local upholsterer will be able to work to your brief and would be able to source the studs for you in the best finish.

Also consider using wallpaper in panels on your wardrobes, you may have samples, unused half rolls or vintage wallpaper to achieve an authentic look.  Another idea is to use a piece of safety glass cut to fit the top of a sideboard or desk to protect the wallpaper or fabric underneath.

So don’t hold back, just go for it and start getting creative!

Summer Seating

The recent heat wave has inspired me to research the latest in exterior furniture!

Modular seating is perfect for a relaxed, sociable feel and can help to make your garden an extension of your home, creating your own inside, outside.   I would recommend investing in a quality set of terrace furniture manufactured in a synthetic resin fiber material or metal, ensuring longevity without compromising on design.  These are some of my favourite current designs.  Should you be interested in making an investment for your outdoor living space contact Murray Hurst Interiors who can advise and supply the most suitable design for your space.  Roll on another heat wave so we can enjoy some more ‘al fresco’ living… in style!

Summer Fabrics

Designer’s Tip for Summer: why not change your soft furnishings as you would your winter/summer wardrobe! Changing your scatter cushions, throws and even curtains to lighter fabrics for the summer months will help give your home a calm, cool and relaxed look and feel.  Investing in key pieces in neutral tones, such as sofas, armchairs and headboards will then allow you to adapt your soft furnishings to create a warm, cosy and homely feel in the winter with fabrics such as velvet, chenille and wool and a light, fresh and airy feel in the summer with fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk.  Some inspiration for summer feel fabrics:

Northside Magazine – ‘Room with a View’ feature

Northside Room with a View May 2010

Northside Magazine – ‘Women In Business’ feature

Having recently been approached by Northside magazine to appear in their ‘Women in Business’ feature, I was proud to be set alongside some real high flying Yorkshire based business women!

Northside March Women in Business

How to present your house for sale – Designer’s Top Tips…

Thinking of putting your house on the market?  Well make sure it is presented at its best!

In this current climate it is best to think out of the box in order to sell property.  Any house for sale must be the best presented house on the street and there are simple  ways to achieve this.  Many houses struggling to find a buyer are great looking homes in good locations, but they have been let down by poor decorating and interior presentation. Making rooms look bigger, brighter and more attractive to a buyer is easy to achieve and every house has the potential to be a beautiful home, it’s just knowing where to start that is the problem.

So where should you start when preparing your house to sell?

1) Declutter and Simplify – clutter should be dealt with and stored away out of sight if possible. This will help to maximise on space, create a tidier appearance and help to depersonalise the home.

 2) Neutral Colour Scheme – try to avoid bright colours by keeping to a neutral colour pallet, especially for walls, floors and curtains.  Bright colours are fine for small decorative detail such as scatter cushions and general accessories but should be kept to a minimum.

3) Kitchen Facelift – if your kitchen is dated, simple improvements can make all the difference, such as painting kitchen units, replacing door handles, redecoration, adding new blinds and artwork and keeping items on the countertops to a minimum.

Murray Hurst Interiors offer a ‘Dress to Sell’ service, helping clients make the most of their home ready for sale.  For further information contact Murray Hurst Interiors, Leeds:

Completed Project – Granary Wharf, Leeds

Situated in the heart of Leeds in a historic waterside setting, Granary Wharf is set to become one of the most dynamic communities in the city, with upmarket restaurants and high quality retail outlets being developed on site, it is a truly desirable city centre address.  So you can imagine my delight at receiving a call back in September from a recent purchaser of one of the development’s 3 bed penthouse apartments looking for an Interior Designer!  The brief: to create a smart, contemporary interior with clean lines and a shot of colour.

Client delighted with the result:  “Many thanks for interpreting our tastes so well Natalie – and, more particularly, for a hassle and stress-free completion of our project, it is exactly what we were looking for, an excellent job well done”.

See ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures… further images available to view at


The Importance of Inspiration…

As a designer, I can find inspiration in the strangest places and in the strangest things!  A certain texture can inspire a whole interior scheme.  Conceptual imagery is such an important place to start when developing ideas for the look, tone and feel of a project and having just stumbled across a beautiful website with some fantastic conceptual imagery I find I am taken back to my college days at KLC!  We were taught to think laterally and create concept boards for every project, very similar to these, to help drive the development of the design intent forward…. here are some of my favourites, (images courtesy of











Wallpaper – Still going strong for 2011

I’m so thrilled that wallpaper designs just keep on evolving… I am such a fan!

Just met with a supplier of some fantastic new contract designs – ideal for hotels and restaurants.  These bright, bold designs are just delightful!

Both designs available from Murray Hurst Interiors

Hot trends for 2011 – as seen in award-winning lifestyle magazine…

My latest feature in this month’s edition of JLife Magazine…

Be bold with bright colours as juicy citrus hues are the trend  for 2011.  This year we will see the introduction of bright and vibrant colours for the home, injecting positivity and optimism for the New Year.

When choosing bright colours for your walls, it is important to think about the size of the room you are decorating before you begin to be adventurous with colour.  If you have larger rooms, consider just painting one wall in a bold shade and you might also want to tone down the brightness of the colour you use.  For example, instead of a bright lime green, consider a darker hunter green colour.  This gives a splash of colour without the level of commitment required for a citrus hue.  Alternatively, you may prefer to opt for wallpaper with just a detail in a brighter shade, such as a stripe or floral pattern.  This picks up on the trend without having to commit wholly to taking the plunge and going for bold.  In my experience, I have found that once you take the leap and be a bit more daring with colour, you will be amazed at the result.  So, be confident and kick start the new year with a shot of colour in your home.

All That Glitters…

This Christmas make your home the envy of your peers by trying my ‘Gold Renaissance’ theme for 2010.

Give your home the golden touch this festive season. Opulent and indulgent, gold is not only a superb colour to introduce into the decoration of your home over the festive season, but it is also unashamedly en vogue.  From gleaming to burnished, gold is an elegant and timeless addition to any room, be it in the form of metallic feature wallpaper, decorative lighting, upholstery, furniture or accessories. Using gold accessories is a quick way to dress up a plain piece of furniture or achieve a subtle look and the sparkle of gold can be used to create a sense of drama in sophisticated dinner table settings.  Also, accessories in black, white or festive colours help to enhance gold’s qualities without allowing it to dominate.

The finished result is all about creating a hint of glamour with easy luxe… So it’s time to glam up your home for Christmas as the new golden age has arrived.

From Bronze Buddas to Stunning Silks

Having a wonderful trip to Thailand.  Some impressive architecture and great artifacts.  Currently in Phuket and have just spent the last hour in the Jim Thompson showroom in Laguna Village… I was like a kid in a sweetie shop!

Some of my favourite fabrics from the Jim Thompson Voyage Collection:

My favourite find from Decorex 2010

Decorex International 2010 was a great show this year showcasing some fantastic design-led interior products from some of the industry’s finest suppliers. However this product totally stole the show for me.. beautifully designed, this seating with it’s wonderful curves is called ‘kiss’ and can be purchased through Murray Hurst Interiors.  Please contact us for details

Natalie Murray-Hurst becomes new Interiors columnist for BEYOND magazine

I am so proud to have my debut Interiors column published in Beyond Magazine, Yorkshire’s tremendous bi-monthly mag, packed full of celebrity interviews, top columnists, features, articles on music, food, film, fashion, sport and much more.Beyond currently has a readership of 200,000 people across West and North Yorkshire, and is also viewable online. Previous interviewees include Michael Palin, Wayne Rooney, The Kaiser Chiefs, Ricky Gervais, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jarvis Cocker, Leigh Francis and Michael Vaughan.

Click on the link below to read my first column (page 100 & 101) to learn about why you should be confident in choosing large-scale accessories for the home… because after all Big IS Beautiful…

Are there any specific hints and tips/Interior Design advice or topics you would be interested in reading about? Do let me know and I will try to weave them into future columns.

Perhaps you would like to know more about how colour can effect your mood?  What the trends are for 2011?  Or maybe you just want to chat with me on my blog about your favourite fabrics and soft furnishings??

And for more information on the services offered by Murray Hurst Interiors see our website at

Annual Interior Design Shows – LONDON

Travel and accommodation arrangements have now been sorted so I can look forward to attending the annual Interior Design trade shows in a couple of weeks time in London.  First stop will be 100% Design at Earl’s Court on 25th Sept, followed by Decorex then Focus at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre.  Lots to source for current projects so it will be a case of eyes pealed then head down!

Lighting designs available from Murray Hurst Interiors

A selection from a range of unique table lamp designs, available to purchase from Murray Hurst Interiors Ltd.  Whatever your theme there’s a design to suit.  Using decorative lighting is a great way of enhancing the character of your home and lighting fixtures both interior and exterior should make a statement!

Natural look, great for both contemporary and classic schemes

Classic shape, bold yet glamorous design

Classic desk lamp, great curved lines

Timeless simple design with an ethnic feel

Unusual driftwood design, lovely contrast of dark and light

Bespoke Joinery Inspiration…

The possibilities are endless when the decision is made to create bespoke joinery for the home.  Designing cabinet work such as shelving units, dressing rooms and libraries allow you to not only design specifically for practical requirements but also gives the opportunity for impressive and striking ‘wow’ factor design.

See some examples below of simply beautiful, understated and inherently individual design which reflect quality of natural materials with a unique yet timeless appeal.

A great example of how bespoke joinery can work in even the most challenging space to create a practical, bold and striking interior.